pyquil.operator_estimation.measure_observables(qc, tomo_experiment, n_shots=1000, progress_callback=None, active_reset=False)[source]

Measure all the observables in a TomographyExperiment.

  • qc (QuantumComputer) – A QuantumComputer which can run quantum programs
  • tomo_experiment (TomographyExperiment) – A suite of tomographic observables to measure
  • n_shots – The number of shots to take per ExperimentSetting
  • progress_callback – If not None, this function is called each time a group of settings is run with arguments f(i, len(tomo_experiment) such that the progress is i / len(tomo_experiment).
  • active_reset – Whether to actively reset qubits instead of waiting several times the coherence length for qubits to decay to |0> naturally. Setting this to True is much faster but there is a ~1% error per qubit in the reset operation. Thermal noise from “traditional” reset is not routinely characterized but is of the same order.