class pyquil.api._qam.QAM[source]

The platonic ideal of this class is as a generic interface describing how a classical computer interacts with a live quantum computer. Eventually, it will turn into a thin layer over the QPU and QVM’s “QPI” interfaces.

The reality is that neither the QPU nor the QVM currently support a full-on QPI interface, and so the undignified job of this class is to collect enough state that it can convincingly pretend to be a QPI-compliant quantum computer.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__() Initialize self.
load(executable) Initialize a QAM into a fresh state.
read_from_memory_region(*, region_name) Reads from a memory region named region_name on the QAM.
read_memory(*, region_name) Reads from a memory region named region_name on the QAM.
reset() Reset the Quantum Abstract Machine to its initial state, which is particularly useful when it has gotten into an unwanted state.
run() Reset the program counter on a QAM and run its loaded Quil program.
wait() Blocks until the QPU enters the halted state.
write_memory(*, region_name[, offset, value]) Writes a value into a memory region on the QAM at a specified offset.