Operator Estimation

Data structures

ExperimentSetting(in_state, out_operator) Input and output settings for a tomography-like experiment.
TomographyExperiment(settings, program[, …]) A tomography-like experiment.
ExperimentResult(setting, expectation, …) An expectation and standard deviation for the measurement of one experiment setting in a tomographic experiment.


group_experiments(experiments[, method]) Group experiments that are diagonal in a shared tensor product basis (TPB) to minimize number of QPU runs.
measure_observables(qc, tomo_experiment[, …]) Measure all the observables in a TomographyExperiment.


to_json(fn, obj) Convenience method to save pyquil.experiment objects as a JSON file.
read_json(fn) Convenience method to read pyquil.experiment objects from a JSON file.